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Dopamine - FONT (TYPEFACE)

DOPAMINE is a strong legible authentic hand brushed - ink on paper SVG bitmap font that is adaptable to suit a wide range of design styles and creative applications. 

Dopamine-SVG-Bitmap.otf was created using the latest Opentype-SVG font technology - Which maintains the brushed strokes, blemishes and ink transparency as seen in the original hand drawn artwork.
PLEASE NOTE: While the SVG Bitmap version of Dopamine requires Photoshop CC 2017, Illustrator CC 2018 or greater - A standard .TTF font version is also included which is a widely supported font format compatible with legacy and current versions of the industry standard design applications.


  • Dopamine-SVG-Bitmap.otf – An openType SVG Bitmap version of the font with unique and varied textural blemishes and visible brush strokes in every character & glyph.

  • Contains: A-Z characters, 0-9 numbers, various standard symbols, currency and punctuation. Special characters, additional multiple selected single characters and various multiple discretionary ligatures. (Requires Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 or Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 or newer). See preview images for all available glyphs in the SVG version.

  • Dopamine-TTF-Vector.ttf – Standard TTF vector version of the font where all glyphs are a solid texture fill. While this version is infinitely scalable it still maintains the original hand brushed ink on paper look and can be colorised any color using a standard text color fill.

  • Contains: A-Z characters, 0-9 numbers, various standard symbols, currency and punctuation. Includes various latin accented letters. (NO PAIRED LIGATURES). See preview images for all available glyphs in the TTF version.


- ONLY the Dopamine-SVG-Bitmap.otf version contains various paired 'Discretionary Ligatures' built in to the font.
These letter pairs maintain an authentic, natural hand drawn look by substituting pairs of letters such as BB, EE, LL etc.. with unique individual characters - different from the standard character to avoid visual repetition. Ligatures are supported by most desktop publishing applications, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign...etc. Ligatures are discretionary and can be accessed and inserted manually by using the Glyphs panel in your supported software.



- Use the Glyphs panel in your respective software application to reveal the variety and full scope of all the characters available in each Dopamine font version.
Select any area of text in your design and replace or insert any new character by simply double clicking the "Glyph" in the Glyphs panel to assign it into the layout.


Dopamine SVG & TTF font: Ideal for use on a wide range of communication and design projects including magazine layout & print designs, social media posts, advertisements, posters, product packaging and much more!


Created: 19 Feb 2020

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