eSPEAR Box Packaging 3D Concepts

eSPEAR Box Packaging 3D Concepts

Project Overview:

  • Concepts & Design: Joshua Connelly
  • Illustrations: Joshua Connelly
  • 3D Visuals: The Sound Of Breaking Glass
  • Brand Management: AMC for Ocean Guardian

Enlisted by Sydney based outfit Austin Midnight Creative to consult with their latest client project, The Sound Of Breaking Glass was engaged to deliver concept, creative & finished art for the Ocean Guardian eSPEAR Box Packaging. The project included a box package design & DL instructional insert with custom operational illustrations.

These initial 3D box concepts created by Joshua from T/S/O/B/G helped not only win the project... but helped instantly convey color & mood to the client.. eliminating the need to supply any more design & color options than necessary to allow creative to arrive at the final design sooner.

Working in the 3D environment also assisted Joshua while in the experimental & design phase allowing for quick iterations between different artwork placements, illustrations and panel designs to be viewed in 'real time' to understand the spatial relationship between the objects and how they all related on the different faces of the box.

With manufacturing currently in progress (as of July 2019) the final box is intended to be printed with 2 Spot Colors on a 420gsm coated matt artboard with silver foil stamping over the 3D wave pulse pattern on the front of the box. We look forward to posting actual images of the final product when manufacturing and printing is complete.


Custom 3D Box Packaging & Design by The Sound Of Breaking Glass - Creative StudioCustom 3D Box Packaging & Design by The Sound Of Breaking Glass - Creative Studio